Welcome... I’m Jenny and jewellery making has been a passion of mine for quite a while now. Art, textiles and crafts have always been hobbies of mine and at university I studied architecture, but jewellery has always been a constant in my life and something I now want to share with others.

Each piece I create is one of a kind. Most of what I make is using beads, stones and embellishments I have come across on my holidays to North America and Europe. I am constantly on the look out for beads and materials that I have never come across before, that possess beauty and uniqueness.

My aim is to one day go even further afield and be able to discover even more beautiful beads.

My favourite thing about Some Things - apart from making the jewellery - has been meeting the people who buy it. I regularly sell at local markets, and I love to meet you and hear what you think, it gives me so much pleasure! I am always to trying to improve upon and striving to create something new, so your thoughts and ideas are always valued.

You will notice that my pieces, though they display many similarities, they also present a vast variety of styles and aesthetics. As I collect beads from all over, I often have a limited supply of materials of which I am working with - I tend not to buy wholesale over the internet, because it is more exciting to visit bead shops!

My style and technique grows and evolves as I make new discoveries... some things are semi-precious... some things are turquoise... some things are autumnal... you just have to wait and see what I create next!

However... some things will never change... I will always be on the hunt for something new so I can continue to hand craft good quality jewellery for people to enjoy and wear with pleasure.

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